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Each card measures 4-1/4 x 5-1/2" and features a mixture of felt, paper, thread, braids, and sequins. Sometimes toothpicks even find their way in. Envelopes are included in the plastic sleeve.

The designs are all original, and each rendering is unique. Made by hand, these cards are filled with warmth and joy.

I have always loved making cards. My Great Aunt lived in a small village in Eastern Canada, and she made notepaper which she sold out of her home. My grandmother, her sister, would crochet tiny flowers for her to make into fresh, airy designs. I remember her desk situated at the top of a long staircase, full of artists materials. Oh, and guarded by a big persian cat, which tended to sit in the middle of everything, blinking calmly and purring.

My Great Aunt didn't do much with felt, but that has come to be my favorite medium. I love how it feels, how it shapes, and its dimension. I find that I can translate the images that appear in my mind with greater ease than with any other material.

When I finish a design, I often smile in delight, or even laugh out loud. I hope you feel the same when you look at my work.

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